Mission and History

Cadmus Lifesharing Association includes households throughout southern Berkshire County. Founded in 1984 with two households and incorporated in 1989, Cadmus was created to bring the lifesharing philosophy of the Camphill movement. Camphill communities are located around the world and are founded on the principles of Karl Koenig in bringing people who have a disability to their fullest fruition by sharing life and work with others in a conscious way.

The insights that guide our community arise from Anthroposophy, which was described and taught by Rudolph Steiner. Anthroposophy seeks to use mainly natural means to optimize physical and mental health and well-being.

The Cadmus motto is: All are perfect in their essential being and all work at bringing that perfect essence to expression.

The Cadmus Mission is to support one and other in our striving toward self-improvement. The relationships we build among the members of our households and within Cadmus as a whole, are based on a commitment to foster a dynamic community where the gifts of all of us, both with and without disabilities, can find their expression and their purpose.