John Greene was born in the United Kingdom where he completed his Curative Training. For the past 38 years he has been a resident and citizen of the United States. He lived in Camphill, Beaver Run for many years where he was a class teacher, house parent and gardener. After completing the Waldorf teacher education training at Sunbridge, he helped start the River Valley Waldorf School in Pennsylvania. He then spent six years at Sunbridge College as the Registrar and Administrator. (He was the council chair for many years and served on the board). John was the Executive Director of the Rudolf Steiner Institute and the administrator at the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School.

He has been a householder with Cadmus for the past decade.

Charlie Frey was a class teacher at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School and Kimberton Waldorf School. For 10 years, he developed, co-chaired, and taught the Learning for Life program, a University-style program at Camphill Soltane in Glenmoore, PA. Following this he lived in Camphill Kimberton Hills in Kimberton, PA for five years with his wife, April, and their son, Charles. They ran a large house of 11-13 people, and Charlie was the farm mechanic. Through it all, Charlie has maintained a parallel life as a professional Blues musician. He also has 2 older sons, Zachariah and Isaiah back in Pennsylvania.

April Littell grew up in Connecticut, Florida and (mostly) New Hampshire. She loves to garden, raise animals, care for children and make art. April has been a dairy farmer, day care provider, home health care aid and, of course, a Camphiller where she ran a large household and tended an orchard. She is looking forward to cultivating a homestead-type environment in Egremont. She loves the outdoors and is really glad to be back in New England after 12 years in Pennsylvania.

Lee Conlon comes to Cadmus from a long strange journey! Undergraduate degree in Psychology from GWU, undergraduate degree from George Mason University in secondary education in history. Masters in Liberal Studies from Mary Washington University with specialization in the connection between Quakers, womens rights and abolition. She taught art k-8, and special needs students, English and reading with students with emotional difficulties. (She knows how to use a medal detector to see if they’re carrying) Lee has raised 5 children or we should say that you’ve raised her! Her and the family came to Cadmus with their daughter Emily in 1999 and moved here to be householders in 2002. After a brief and boring hiatus from 2016-2021, Emily brought the family back to her community.
Lee and her family now live in town in a bungalow “the cottage” on a dead end street and are so happy to be back home in The Berkshires.