“Through the structure and consistency that John and the co-workers provide, Matthew has become a confident, competent and happy member of the community. At all times, Matthew is extremely well cared-for and treated with respect and dignity.

Matthew lives an enviable life at Interlaken house.  He is challenged and stimulated by taking classes at Community Access to the Arts and learning how to work in the beautiful garden that is part of Interlaken House, he is invigorated by trips to the gym and the many hikes he and his housemates take around the area. He is made to feel part of something bigger than himself by helping with household chores. We visit him at the house at least twice a month and we are welcomed with warmth and open arms by John and the co-workers. 

We are so very grateful to have become part of this extraordinary Cadmus lifesharing community.”

~~ Jackie W. ~~