Be a Householder

Cadmus welcomes single people and couples with or without children in their home who are interested in lifesharing. At a minimum, we ask that householders can commit to the following standards:

  • Create a healthy, safe, harmonious home life that provides the individual the nurture, care, training, supervision and assistance needed to support their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Offer nutritious, home-cooked meals with limited processed foods.
  • Respect and keep confidential information about the person.
  • Maintain open communication with members of the Cadmus community
  • Integrate assigned volunteers into your home, giving them a welcoming, instructional and positive experience.
  • Complete and submit required paperwork
  • Follow Cadmus guidelines for volunteers having a volunteer in your household
  • Complete trainings required by Cadmus and DDS and ensure that assigned volunteers are available for all scheduled trainings.
  • Follow all DDS licensing and certification requirements for maintaining a household and the person’s records.
  • Maintain contact with the person’s family to ensure open lines of communication.
  • Participate in community-wide festival celebrations, social activities and cultural offerings.

If you are interested in learning more, please call 413-528-1307.