About Us

Cadmus is a conscious community of people, who wish to enrich themselves by living and working together with people who have intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Cadmus runs on the principles of shared vision, interdependence and interaction. Because of this, we believe that a system based on these principles will value all people and create conditions for those who have unique needs to be supported and treated with dignity, respect, and attention to the specifics of their individual lives.  In addition to this, we believe that people learn, live, and labor most effectively when they are appreciated, honored, and valued for the contributions they make to the common good.

Cadmus Lifesharing Association has an affinity to our brother and sister organizations from Camphill , and the North American Council for Anthroposophical curative education and social therapy. Carrying members of our community have come from Camphill communities, and Cadmus has historically had strong ties with Camphill.  We are currently applying to become an affiliate member of the Camphill Association of North America. 

Being outdoors, and connected to the land is an important part of our day.  We insist that every week were are out in the gardens, spending time with animals, or enjoying fresh air and physical exertion!

We pride ourselves collectively on our ability to create a community together that will suit each individual’s interests and needs, rather than trying to fit people into a general model.