John Greene was born in the United Kingdom where he completed his Curative Training. For the past 38 years he has been a resident and citizen of the United States. He lived in Camphill, Beaver Run for many years where he was a class teacher, house parent and gardener. After completing the Waldorf teacher education training at Sunbridge, he helped start the River Valley Waldorf School in Pennsylvania. He then spent six years at Sunbridge College as the Registrar and Administrator. (He was the council chair for many years and served on the board). John was the Executive Director of the Rudolf Steiner Institute and the administrator at the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School.

He has been a householder with Cadmus for the past decade.

Gail Mullen

Penni Greene grew up in the Midlands, in England. Her mother was a foster parent in Penni’s growing up years. At 18 years of age, Penni volunteered for three months in Romania in the orphanges, which then led her to apply as a volunteer with Camphill Special School, Beaver Run in Glenmore, PA. She attended the curative seminar for three years, then went on to Sunbridge College in Spring Valley, NY to become a Waldorf early childhood teacher.

After graduating Penni took a kindergarten class in a one-room schoolhouse and began building a Waldorf school in Pennsylvania.

She has two teen-aged children and a Bassett hound named Lolé.

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